Call For Multichannel Sound Artists and Composers

Rolling Ryot in collaboration with the Fusebox Festival presents an open call for sound artists and composers to participate in our large scale multichannel sound installation, Rainforest Reverb. This piece will be presented as part of the 2019 Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX.

Rainforest Reverb is a massive 32 channel immersive sound experience that will be installed on April, 21st 2019 inside a parking garage in downtown Austin, TX. Speakers will be spread throughout each layer of this 4 story garage while spectators are free to roam throughout the environment.

We invite sound artists and composers to submit examples of their work for our team to consider. Selected artists will then be commissioned to create a multichannel work for the Rainforest Reverb event.


We are looking for composers to engage with the ecological theme of the project. Rainforest Reverb is inspired by the fact that most rainforest species occupy only a narrow range in the frequency spectrum which is also associated with their vertical position in the forest. We would like to creatively explore rainforests as sonically structured spaces through composed works. Each level of the garage can be broken down into an individual spectrum of the composition.

We encourage composers to creatively interpret the sonic structure of a rainforest through their own sonic practices. We are looking for compositions that do not simply recreate a rainforest directly, but interpret it through electronic sounds, acoustic instrumentation, and field recordings.


Application deadline: January 13th, 2019

Notification: by January 20th

Public presentation: April 21st, 2019

Selected Artists/Composers:

Selected artists/composers will be given a $400 honorarium for their work. You will also have the opportunity to work directly with the Rolling Ryot team to spatially implement your work. Selected artists/composers are highly encouraged to be present in Austin, TX for the public presentation of the work. Lodging is available.

Required Submission Materials:

Deadline for submission is January 13th, 2019.

  1. Artist Bio

  2. CV

  3. Short description on how you will interpret the ecological concept of the project

  4. Streaming or download links to examples of at least 3 previous works

  5. Descriptions of each work

For any additional information or questions please contact us at:


Technical Layout:

More technical details will be delivered to selected composers, but this is the general format.

28 stationary speakers and 4 mobile speakers spread throughout 4 levels of the garage. The mobile speakers are on bike cargos and pulled by bicycles continually moving throughout the garage. The Rolling Ryot team will be utilizing the Envelop software tool set in Ableton Live to expand the spatial control of elements of each composition.

Level 4: 1X Quad system (4 Channels)

Level 3: 2X Quad systems (8 Channels)

Level 2: 2X Quad systems (8 Channels, 4 with subwoofers)

Level 1: 2X Quad systems (8 Channels, with subwoofers)

Mobile Speakers: 4 independent mono channels (JBL EON ONE PRO) fed by iTouches

Specifics on delivery and implementation of final pieces will be discussed in detail with selected composers. If selected, you will be one of 5 artists, each making a unique composition. Each composition will be approximately 10-12 min. in length and will run sequentially on a loop for the duration of the event.

Though a multichannel piece is not required for your submission to be considered, applicants should have access to a basic multi channel mixing environment, such as a quadraphonic or 5.1 system.


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